Entrance Area (Soravia Wing) and Café | Vienna | Austria

Type: urban space
Client: Soravia Bauträger GmbH / KR Bitzinger
Planning: 2001      Completion: 2003

The “Albertina” owns one of the world’s most important graphics collection with masterworks of many centuries. It is housed in a baroque palace located on the former ramparts of Vienna. Now—in the last few years—it was restored to its original splendor. In the course of this reconstruction also the old main entrance was reopened—sitting on top of the ramparts high above street level.To connect the foyer level with the square below a special access was necessary. A giant signaling cantilevered roof and escalators and elevators were put inside the old ramparts. A large void—filled with rubbish of the destroyed parts, was cleared and a 7,50 m high space came into being—with the enormous foundation walls of the old palace—built of brick and stone—made visible. This impressive space was consequently used for a café/bar.