Generali Media Tower

Office Building | Vienna | Austria

Type: office/commercial buildings
Client: Generali Gruppe, Nutzer: Verlagsgruppe News
Planning: 1994-2000 (with Letzbor-Engineering)      Completion: 2000

The major design criteria for the building lie in the articulation of the corner site and in the creation of an entrance situation for the major access way to the district beyond. In conjunction with the dominant slab–building opposite the site a significant silhouette is created particularly seen from the Inner City.Positioned in a key location opposite the Inner City of Vienna, the Media–Tower is a landmark in a string of high–rise buildings along the Danube Canal. The sculptural shape is largely determined by this urban context. Integration into the existing urban fabric leads to a concept, which combines three different scales next to each other:

Therefore the building complex basically consists of 3 blocks:
–  a stone block which continues and ends a line of existing masonry buildings of 1900
–   a metal block which talks to the post–war slab building across the road
–   a dynamic glass prism reaching upwards slightly inclined, with a huge LED–screen floating above the top edge.

19 floors / Gross floor area: 17.069 m2