Pezet 515

Apartment Building | Lima | Peru

Type: housing
Client: Inmobiliaria Vitrubio S.A.
Planning: 2006      Completion: 2011

The apartment building tower is located in San Isidro next to the renowned golf course in the heart of modern Lima. There is a ring of tower buildings encircling the large rectangular green area, all apartment buildings benefiting the illustrious setting.

 The corner position at the intersection of Av. Pezet and Calle Clement allows for a more sculptured building. There are three faces exposed, only the fourth façade is facing the neighbouring high–rise.

The base zone consisting of a ground floor and a mezzanine level is a slightly recessed mostly glazed volume containing commonly used facilities for recreation.

A central core serves the apartments in different sizes. The top floors are reserved for a penthouse with grand views over the golf course and the sea.

16 floors/ Gross floor area: 11.200 m2