Walt Disney Concert Hall

Los Angeles | USA

Type: competitions
Client: The Music Center Disney Hall Commitee, Beverly Hills, California
Planning: 1987 - 1988      Completion: 1988

The shape of the Concert Hall building is constituted by mainly 4 elements. The Concert Hall proper, the Chamber Music Hall, the Reception Hall and Foyer-spaces and the areas and volume of backstage activities and office functions. The Concert Hall for 2.500 people corresponds to a geometry suggested by acoustics, such as an irregular spatial form and configuration (in plan as well as in section), wall, floors, ceilings of different sizes, angles and materials - a very sculptural treatment - but still to arrive at a strong, unified space, as visually exciting spaces. This configuration allows for a very close audience-orchestra relationships and for different preferences of the audience.Frank Gehrys winning project was realized and inauguratet in 2003.