Haas Haus

Commercial- and Office building with restaurants | Vienna | Austria

Type: office/commercial buildings
Client: Zentralsparkasse, Wiener Städtische, Wiener Verein
Planning: 1986 - 1987      Completion: 1990

The building in downtown Vienna diagonally opposite the St. Stephan’s Cathedral was conceived as a luxury commercial mixed used building with shops, offices and gastronomy. The building contains a five-storey interior atrium with high-quality and luxury stores, three floors of offices, a rooftop restaurant and another restaurant in the sala terrena. The outside configuration is determined by the shape of the site which in turn mirrors the corner of the old Roman fortification. It cantilevers partly over the subway and this projection creates an intended separation between two urban spaces. The one being a square with a pedestrian area was also designed by the architect.The careful detailing of a consciously complex building is reflected in the curved stone skin, structural glazing facades and metal claddings.
Recently the interior atrium has been replaced by a multi-storey fashion outlet and in the upper floors an exclusive hotel was integrated by others.