Monte Laa Tower 1

Office Tower | Vienna | Austria

Type: museums/cultural buildings
Client: A. Porr AG
Planning: 2009 with Albert Wimmer      Completion: 2013

Within an innovative urban development based on a master plan by Albert Wimmer the office towers were designed prominently on the Laaerberg, the main entry route into Vienna from the south.Based on an idea already proposed in early collages and drawings of the 1950s and 1960s, the project consists of two towers of 90 m height over which a horizontal structure of 30 m hovers, thus creating a second level and activity zone in the urban landscape.The design was taken through municipal approval, yet finally the project was stopped. The subsequent rezoning led to a similar yet more feasible concept, which is currently under development.

31 floors / Gross floor area: 51.400 m2