Stock Exchange Building | Tehran | Iran

Type: public buildings
Client: New Tehran Stock Exchange Company | Towsee´Kalbodi Asia Consulting Engineers
Planning: 2012 (with Padiav Parth, Architectural Group)     

With this architectural intervention the aim is for the Teheran Stock Exchange to become a civic symbol that not only accommodates the stock exchange functions but also repents the practice in its entirety. The buildings’ architectural nature allows it to become an identifiable structure within the urban fabric.The sensible placement of the TSE site in the north of Teheran represents a well thought out site location whereby the orthogonal structure of the city demands and architectural answer respecting its stringent parameter. Solving the architectural paradox of having a notable building that still respects its urban context was achieved by making use of the rectilinear site. By creating a simple architectural figuration we took a cube with a central core that is raise from a rectangular prism which it is situated on. With this simplicity the building still respects its urban context, but by lifting the cube from the platform it allows for the whole to develop a unique and memorable icon for the Stock exchange. Together with finer design details, such as the façade treatment, the design stays rooted the architectural tradition of Teheran. The rectangular form of the office tower follows the homogenous surroundings, but the TSE´s façade is an innovative merger of two building envelope typologies and a strong contrast to any building in the vicinity: The window wall and the ceramic brick façade. The outer brick skin of the cube facade is executed by assembling ceramic elements in a specific pattern in a manner that is reminiscent of the Iranian vernacular. By overlaying these bricks with a traditional colour pattern it creates an enigmatic effect, as the building responds to light by reflecting the enamel of the ceramic elements during bright sunshine as well as being a colourful beacon on an overcast day. At night time when being backlit the solid cube form is broken up into a dissipated image and projects rays of light into all directions and changes intensity depending on where the onlooker stands. This dissipated image of this rigid cube translates the notion of how a traditional entity such as the stock exchange has adapted to a digital age. The zone surrounding the middle of the cube is cleaved open and contains sculptured elements that embody fragments of the building façade pattern. The offices in this area are accompanied by terraces and projected meeting rooms are pointed to the surrounding mountainous landscape. This sculptural quality gives the tower a very distinct appearance communicating that of a visionary and sustainable, yet progressive financial entity. The rectangular prism which makes out the podium building provides for two main access nodes into the building allowing staff to enter from north and the public from the main road in the east.  The podium with its accessible roof garden contains the dedicated stock exchange functions and the public spaces. All offices are located in the tower above. It was important to allow the floors to be adaptable and flexible whereby it can accommodate the changing needs of the occupants. The concept with a central core allows for 4 individual rentable spaces in one typical floor.  In its elevated position, the new stock exchange’s exposure is increased and thereby radiates the activities of its use into the city.