Volksschule Donaucity

Donaucity | Vienna | Austria

Type: museums/cultural buildings
Client: Magistrat der Stadt Wien (MA56), GESIBA AG, Wien
Planning: 1994 - 1996      Completion: 1999

Along the riverbank of the Danube runs an existing urban highway which was bridged over to allow direct easy access to the riverfront recreational area. The school sits entirely on top of the highway and is an important urbanistic element signalizing the corner of Donau City which is surrounded by the river to the West and a big park (Donaupark) to the North. There is a splendid 360° view from all parts of the school compound over Vienna and its surroundings. Location and inclination of access ramps provoked spatial configurations (such as e.g. a sloped auditorium on top of the incline of the road–ramp) and distribution of areas. Also the gardens and courtyards are on top of the highway which is bridged over by 3 m high hollow concrete beams.